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WOULd you like your teams to become better communication scientists?

The disciplines of behavioural/marketing science and behavioural economics are relatively new, but are fast gaining traction in the industry. You may have heard reference to them in a meeting, or read a couple of books, but might be puzzling over how you and your colleagues can apply the principles to deliver your business objectives.

The CSG team have trained hundreds of professionals from a vast range of backgrounds, from TV continuity announcers to marketers, creatives to press officers, and product designers to call centre personnel. In every case we have given them a practical understanding of how behavioural science can be applied to communications, including specialised training in research/evaluation and digital channels.

I’d throughly recommend CSG’s training to anyone looking to understand how behavioural economics can address their business challenges. It was engaging, informative and practical, and used fun, relatable examples to bring the concepts to life. We came away with a number of practical, easy-to-implement ideas which we’re already using every day!
— Ben Williams, Managing Director, Sten 10

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